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Bringing together tech, business and cyber communities. Discover how to best protect your organisation and implement the latest cyber security technology and practices


Leading speakers and industry experts will focus on topics including the ‘dark net’, crypto-currencies, surveillance technology, machine learning, cyber privacy and will provide tips for creating a cyber-savvy workplace. What are the most dangerous new attack techniques? How do they work? How can you stop them? What’s coming next and how you can prepare! Book your place today and join the expected 400+ senior IT professionals and decision makers.


Featuring 15+ Leading Cyber Security Experts


Keynote: John P. Carlin

Former Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice’s National Security Division and was Robert Mueller’s Chief of Staff when Mueller was FBI Director.


Keynote: Mustafa Al-Bassam

Former hacker and security advisor at Secure Trading. He was a co-founder of LulzSec, a high-profile hacking group which made headlines for its hacks on Sony, Fox and the FBI.




Dawn Of The Code War - The Rising Global Cyber Threat

To App Or Not To App? The Cyber Security Consequences Of Using Apps

Futureproofing Cyber Defenses: What Will Be The Risks Of Tomorrow?


A Look Inside The Digital Underworld And The Real Threat The ‘Dark Net’ Poses

The Evolutionary Aspects Of Cyber Security With Live Hacks And Ransomware Demos

Hacktivism, Hacking For Political Activism And The Many Reasons That People Hack



This conference is specifically tailored to meet the interests of senior business and IT professionals from Irish & UK organisations of all sizes. Network with your peers from across the business spectrum as well as semi-state bodies and government organisations.

Get to grips with the most dangerous new techniques and hear first-hand what’s coming next.

Have your questions answered by experts. Attend our fireside interviews and panel sessions

Gain know-how from leading thought leaders. Solve key challenges and deal with the latest cyber threats.

Discover, scope & evaluate the latest cyber security innovations with demos and product showcases.




*Data taken from attendees of Secure Computing Forum 2018



In The News

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Survey Finds Irish Office Workers Accessing Dark Web in The Workplace

The survey of 500 Irish office workers also revealed that 20% of respondents spend over an hour of company time every day on personal matters. It found that younger generations spend the most time on personal activities during work hours with 39% of Gen Zs spending over an hour every day on personal activities, followed by 26% of Millennials and 10% of Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Cybersecurity Tips: Dixon among speakers at Secure Computing Forum event

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dixon is among the keynote speakers at this year's cybersecurity and data protection conference Secure Computing Forum, a partnership between DataSolutions and Independent News & Media. "Cybersecurity and data protection and management are becoming increasingly important issues for Irish businesses," said Karen Preston, sales director at Independent News & Media.

Irelands Location As HQ For Multinationals Leaves It Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

The fact that Ireland is home to the European headquarters for numerous multinationals and tech firms makes it more vulnerable to cyber attacks and threats, according to the former assistant attorney general for the US Department of Justice's National Security Division. John Carlin visited Ireland in 2015 in his Justice Department role because of the increasing number of US firms using the country as a base.

Tech-Savvy Young Staff Are Bigger Cybersecurity Risk

Younger workers pose a bigger cyber-security risk to businesses than their older peers - because they are less cautious about devices and data. Nearly half of Generation Z workers, typically aged in their late teens to early 20s, admitted to losing a device that was linked to a work email account. "It's clear from our survey findings that Irish office workers, albeit some more than others, are cautious because of the threat of cyber-attacks," said Dave Keating, group security director at DataSolutions.