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Opening of Secure Computing Forum 2019


Charlie Flanagan

Minister for Justice & Equality


MC - Welcome Address: A Look into the 2019 Cyber Security Landscape. 


David Keating

Group Security Director, DataSolutions

Adrian Weckler

Technology Editor at Independent News & Media


Opening Keynote: Dawn of the Code War – The Rising Global Cyber Threat

John P. Carlin takes us to the front lines of a global but little-understood fight as the Justice Department and the FBI chases down hackers, online terrorist recruiters, and spies. Today, as economies go digital, from banking to manufacturing to transportation, the potential targets multiply.

John P. Carlin

Former Assistant Attorney General for the US Department of Justice’s National Security Division


Threat Hunting Like A Criminal.

Urban legend purports that humans only use 10% of their brains. Artificial Intelligence does not have this limitation but is restricted by the human ability to learn. What if we could overcome this constraint by providing a human fueled feedback loop to the A.I.

In cyber security, we’re like law enforcement constantly chasing new malware, metaphorically speaking, across the information highways of the internet, through the defenses of corporations & into classified locations storing sensitive data. Imagine that instead of pursuing malware, machines instantly learned from all the world’s human threat analysts, gathering an infinite intelligence to prevent cyber-crime & instead of the police car pursuing the bank robbers, we started looking for banks to rob & stood in waiting for the criminals!


Eddie Doyle

Global Security Strategist for Check Point Research


What Can We Learn From The Dark Net?

Jamie Bartlett will take you on a tour of the hidden 'dark web' revealing how criminals, hackers and journalists all benefit from encrypted technology. He will show some of the latest developments in how people's personal information is stolen, and how it is likely to evolve in the next 5 to 10 years.


Jamie Bartlett

Journalist and tech blogger for The Telegraph, author of “The Dark Net”


Panel Discussion - Rethinking Cyber Defence to Combat Complex Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities

As organisations continue to digitise and transform, the attack landscape grows ever more complex. Cybercriminals are using increasingly sophisticated tactics, so it’s critical that information security professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to defend their organisation against digital threats. This panel session will discuss current threats and take a look at emerging threats on the horizon and how to defend against them.

Featuring Panelists:

David Kennefick, Product Architect, Edgescan

Francis O’Haire, Director of Technology, DataSolutions

Eddie Doyle, Global Security Strategist, Check Point Research


Moderated by Adrian Weckler

Technology Editor at Independent News & Media


Networking Break

Visit the exhibition hall, attend live demos and have your questions answered.


Unconsidered Cyber Realities for Business

Former UK Government Resilience and Cyber lead Paddy McGuinness will explore some too often unconsidered higher impact cyber risks which businesses should plan for and offer some practical responses.

Paddy McGuinness

CMG OBE, Recent Deputy National Security Adviser in the UK's Cabinet


Bolster Your Incident Response Plan Across Privacy & Security Teams

In the event of a breach, privacy and security professionals often approach incident response from two different outlooks. Whereas security teams are focused on threat vectors, privacy teams are concerned with personal data leaks and adhering to various global privacy laws. In this session, we’ll discuss how to build a harmonized response plan that addresses both the security team’s technical needs and privacy team’s regulatory requirements across the patchwork of US privacy laws, the GDPR and other global privacy regulations. We’ll also provide tips to help you map out a 72-hour personal data breach action plan and share practical advice to improve your privacy program


Conor McCaffrey

Privacy Consultant for OneTrust


Fireside with Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner for Ireland

Moderated by Adrian Weckler: Technology Editor, Independent News & Media

Topics to Be Discussed:

  • Tackling the power and reach of the big tech companies in our society.

  • How to protect people’s privacy and personal security in an era when everything is online.

  • Making sure that individuals know and exercise their rights.

  • Navigating international law and geopolitics when legislatures, courts and cultures clash.

  • Companies’ rights and responsibilities when it comes to data breaches and making mistakes.


Helen Dixon

Data Protection Commissioner


Emerging Threats: When Tech Collides with the Real World

In 2018, for the first time ever, the majority of crime committed in western countries was committed using some form of digital communication or influence. We need to remove the word 'cyber' from the word 'cybercrime' and focus on the second part and accept that digital is just how crime happens in the age of automation. In this talk, Greg will look at the key emerging trends in the ways that criminals, hackers and state actors are impacting the world and how they have taken on some of the attributes of startups.

Greg Williams

Editor-in-Chief, Wired Magazine



Visit the exhibition hall, attend live demos and have your questions answered.


The Changing Face of Cyber-Security

Europe's leading ethical hacker Jamie Woodruff will take you through the evolution of cyber-security, hacking and social engineering. He will explore the often-overlooked areas of weaknesses in many organisations, providing applicable insights into cyber security frameworks, human behavior and tech policy. Jamie will hold live on-stage demonstrations and this eye-opening session will also provide ideas for remedies that individuals and businesses can implement, in order to immediately ensure greater security and safety.

Jamie Woodruff

Europe’s Leading Ethical Hacker


Balancing Enterprise Security and Employee Experience

As enterprise security needs evolve, how do we maintain a balance between the enforcement of security policy in the enterprise and the desire to deliver a productive and engaging employee experience. In his talk, PJ will explore emerging techniques and strategies that are improving our ability to preserve this critical balance.

PJ Hough

Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer for Citrix


Privacy 2.0, Privacy Beyond Compliance

Why leading organisations are adopting privacy as a Corporate Social Responsibility.

Data Protection requirements, such as those defined in GDPR, have been well absorbed into both cyber security and governance frameworks, however most organisations are implementing these requirements as the ‘objective’ rather than the ‘baseline’, with little emphasis on engaging with more sustainable values such as consumer trust. This presentation outlines why compliance is no longer enough, the role of digital ethics in making privacy more effective and outlines how a number of leading organisations are leveraging privacy as a key differentiator in their respective markets and industries.

Valerie Lyons

COO and Senior Consultant, BH Consulting


Closing Keynote Address: Introduction to Hacktivism

The reasons that people hack spans the range of human motivation - whether it be for profit, for revenge, for fun, or for political reasons. In this talk Mustafa will explore hacktivism - hacking for (political) activism - and he will discuss his experiences within LulzSec in 2011, the high-profile hacking group which made headlines for its hacks on Sony, Fox and the FBI. He will also share useful case studies.

Mustafa Al Bassam

Former Hacker and Co-founder of LulzSec & Security Advisor at Secure Trading


Q&A Session Followed By Closing Remarks

Conference Closes at 16:30

David Keating

Group Security Director, DataSolutions

Adrian Weckler

Technology Editor at Independent News & Media